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Board of Directors

Executive Board

  • President - Mary Thronas
  • Vice President - Brenda Viado
  • Secretary - Evelyn Olores
  • Treasurer - David Goller

KEO Management Team

  • Chief Executive Officer - MaBel Ferreiro-Fujiuchi
  • Fiscal Officer - Brigitte Correia
    • Account Clerk/Administrative Clerk - Wendy Bonilla
  • Administrative Officer - Lynn Kua


  • Youth Services - Al Nebre
    • Kalaheo ELC Head Teacher - Irene Tuzon
    • Lihue ELC Head Teacher - Michelle Lemi
  • Elderly Nutrition, Food Services & Persons in Need - Celia Melchor Questin
    • Elderly Nutrition Coordinator - Earl Muraoka
    • Food Service Coordinator - Eric Fujioka
    • Meals Manager - Battie Domingsel
  • Homeless and Housing - Stephanie Fernandes
    • Care-A-Van/Outreach - Kathryn 'Trink' Martin
    • Transitional Housing Coordinator - Frederick Constantino
  • Mediation - Jessie Basquez



KEO inc is very fortunate to have a board of directors that cares so much about the agency, our work, our employees, and the needs of the people we serve.

The board of directors is composed of committed people who volunteer their time to serve the community and work very hard, helping us to improve the lives of low income, disabled and elderly by overseeing finances and contracts, establishing goals for the agency, representing our needs to the community, public officials, public and private funding sources and other organizations.

The board of directors composition is established by law to be one third each private sector representatives, (bankers, attorneys, business and community leaders) one third elected officials and/or their designees, and one third community group representatives (i.e. the people we serve). This mix enables the board to view decisions from a variety of perspectives and ensure lively and helpful discussion of issues.

Some of the areas where the board makes the final decisions include: policies of the organization, employee salary increases and benefits, goals, public relations, entering contracts, submission of proposals for funds, financial issues, and appointments to board committees. It takes a great deal of commitment to be part of our board. Their reward is helping the agency succeed and knowing that are helping many people on Kauai.