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Mediation Services

Mediation is an informal process in which an impartial third party (The Mediator/s) assists the parties in dispute to resolve their differences without going to court.

How can mediation help you?

  • It's a confidential process to communicate your problem with the other party in a non-threatening environment.
  • It saves money:  No court cost, nominal fee.
  • Listen to theother party and discover the options you both can work with.
  • Parties in dispute are empowered to explore ideas until they both find a solution that best meets their needs.
  • Create an agreement that both parties can work with.
  • Improve or strengthen your friendship or relationship with the other parties.


  • American Disability Association
  • Adult Diversion Restitution
  • Civil Rights
  • Consumer / Merchant - Faulty Merchandise, Deposits, Refunds, Exchanges, and Bad Checks.
  • Divorce- Children, Visitation, and Property Division
  • Domestic- Problems involving family members
  • Juvenile- Fights, Vandalism
  • Juvenile- Restitution
  • Landlord- Tenant, Security Deposits, Repairs.
  • Neighbor- Noise, Pets, and other nuisances
  • Peer Mediation- Disputes in schools, special education etc....
  • Small Claims- Money, Personal property
  • Real Estate / Condominium Association conflicts

Interested in setting up a mediation call us at (808) 245-4077 Ext: 229 or 237 and ask about the mediation program.

  • Information about the program is as follows:
  • Information related to the dispute will be gathered.
  • We will contact the other party and request to participate in a mediation session.
  • All mediation sessions will be scheduled at a convenient time for all parties involved in the dispute.
  • Prior to the first meeting parties are encouraged to have possible solutions that may help to achieve a resolution that meets their particular need.
  • Each session may last up to 2 or 3 hours.

Mediatiors do not give advice or decide who is right or wrong. Mediators will facilitate the parties to negotiate their issues and help put the agreement in writing.

KEOs Mediators are a group of highly trained volunteers from a variety of backgrounds and professions within the community including home makers, retirees, counselors, real estate agents, attorneys, and many more.

*Majority of cases consist of one (1) Mediation session.

**The Mediation fee is based on annual income per individual, please call our office for inquiries

***To be considered for an Administration Fee Waiver an application must be completed and approved by the KEO Administration Officer.